The Zaamurets Orlik Armoured Train Tank

Armoured train is a train protected with armour.  Usually they are equipped with artillery and machine gun railroad cars.

Zaamurets Armor Train :

The Zaamurets was developed during 1916 . The Zaamurets was protected by 12mm and up to 16mm armour and was powered by two Italian made 60-hp petrol motors. The two turrets could rotate 360 degrees and the 57mm Nordenfelt guns had an elevation of 10 degrees up and 60 degrees down. The main guns were supplemented with eight machine guns.

Zaamurets orlik armoured train

Armoured Train History :

Armored train is a locomotive train that is protected with heavy steel Armour . Usually armoured trains are equipped with artillery and machine gun. The advantage of armoured trains is that they can be quickly moved across great distances . They can also carry a large quantity of supplies including ammunition and materials for track repairs. The obvious disadvantage is that they are tied to rail tracks, and destroying tracks immobilizes them. They are also easy to spot and destroy from the air. Because of this, armored trains have disappeared since World War II.

Zaamurets Orlik Armoured Train

Zaamurets History :

The Russian Army used several Armoured Trains during the war, one of them was the Zaamurets. It underwent several re-designs. In 1917, small square fire control turrets were added, and in 1918 the Nordenfeldt guns were changed to 76.2mm Putilovs. During the Russian Civil War the Zaamuret was first used by the Reds, and was then captured by The Czech Legion in Simbirsk on 22 July 1918. It was then a part of the Bolshevik armoured train No. 4, Polupanov. The Czechs renamed this armoured train, Orlik.

Zaamurets Orlik Armoured Train

The recaptured Zaamurets was renamed Orlik Armoured train consisted of two closed artillery wagons, a steam powered locomotive covered with steel Armour plating, and flatbed train cars were added to both ends to prevent the train from derailing. The first artillery train car, attached to the front of the locomotive, had two cylindrical towers equipped with 76-mm anti-aircraft cannons and observatories. The heavy artillery towers rotated with the help of electric motors. Both sides and ends of the wagon were equipped with portholes for small arms and machine guns. Inside the artillery wagon was a central ventilation system . The second artillery wagon had two cone towers and used the same weaponry as main armament. The maximum speed of this armored train was 45 km per hour and it could bear a weight of approximately 130 tons. Until 1917, the Russian Army used this train on the southwest front under its original name, the Zaamurets. Until March 1918, it served in various Red Guard units, passing eventually to Commander Polipanov, who christened it anew as armored train No. 4, Polipanovtsi. Additional equipment included eight periscopes, an intercom system, signalling equipment, searchlights and range finders.

Zaamurets Armoured Train  Zaamurets Specifications :

  • Weight: 130 ton
  • Engine: 2 x 60 hp petrol engine
  • Performances: 120 hp
  • Maximum speed: 45 km/h
  • Suspension: Wheeled
  • Armor: 12mm – 16mm
  • Main Armament:  2 x 57mm (76mm upgrade)

Zaamurets Orlik Armoured Train