Antique Technology in 1980s

Roland Jupiter 8 Voice Polyphonic Subtractive Synthesizer By The Roland Corporation

Roland Jupiter 8 back side back panel

Roland Jupiter 8 :

Roland Jupiter 8 is an eight-voice polyphonic analog subtractive synthesizer introduced by Roland Corporation in early 1981. The Roland Jupiter 8 was Roland’s flagship synthesizer for the first half of the 1980s. Although it lacked the soon-to-be standard of MIDI control.

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Roland TR808 Analog Rhythm Machine By The Roland Corporation

Roland TR808 :

roland tr808

The Roland TR808 Rhythm Composer (a.k.a. the “808”) was one of the first programmable drum machines (“TR” serving as an initial ism for Transistor Rhythm). Introduced by the Roland Corporation in early 1980, it was originally manufactured for use as a tool for studio musicians to create demos. Like earlier Roland drum machines, it does not sound very much like a real drum kit.  The TR-808 cost US$1,195 upon its release. Drum machines in general became an integral part of hip hop music as a cheap and simple way of producing a drum sound.

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Yamaha DX7 Digital Algorithm Synthesizer By Yamaha Pro Audio

 yamaha dx7 keyboard fm synth

Yamaha DX7 :

The Yamaha DX7 is a FM Digital Synthesizer manufactured by the Yamaha Corporation from 1983 to 1986. It was the first commercially successful digital synthesizer. Its distinctive sound can be heard on many recordings, especially pop music from the 1980s.
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