General Electric Cybernetic Walking Machine

Walking Machine

Human Quadruped Operation

The General Electric Walking Machine was dynamically stable quadruped robot designed in the late 1960s by Ralph Mosher. The Walking Machine Designed to be a vehicle that could go over terrain that was inaccessible to wheeled machines. The CAM or cybernetic anthropomorphous machine utilized stepping action movement across rugged terrain.  The Walking Truck traversed the landscape on mechanical legs.

General Electric in the 1950sRalph Mosher, an electrical architect working for General Electric in the 1950s, built up a mechanical skeleton called Hardiman. The mechanical suit could give him superhuman quality similar to Marvels Iron Man Suit. Hardiman was the first genuine endeavor to fabricate a fueled exoskeleton that could allow enough power to lift up to 1500 lbs of weight. General Electric had high trusts in Hardiman; imagining it being used on planes, warships for bomb stacking and in space, as the walking machine can add super human strength to anyone operating it.


The linkage between the operator consisted of mechanical stepping action levers. These action levers were hydraulic valve driven. Providing the operator a force feed-back action translating frontal resistance and slippage.  The stepping motion force feedback referenced the position of the robotic legs in real time. Giving the operator a general sensation of the mechanical limbs.

General Electric Walking Truck

Quadrupedalism as Walking Machine

Quadrupedalism or pronograde stance is a type of physical headway in creatures utilizing four appendages or legs. A creature or machine that typically moves in a quadrupedal way is known as a quadruped, signifying “four feet”.

A quadruped and tetrapod are both derived from terms meaning “four-footed” . Quadruped or Quadrupedal robot is a machine that moves in a quadrupedal manner is known as a quadruped and uses four feet. A robot having such a capability is termed a pedipulator. A pedipulator is a component mechanism which gives a robot the capability of walking and manipulation of objects using the feet.


General Electric Walking Truck

General Electric Walking Truck

GE Cybernetic Walking Machine :

  • Crew: 1+
  • Weight: 3,000+ Pounds
  • Engine:  Petrol Gasoline Engine
  • Power: 90+ hp
  • Maximum speed: 5 mph
  • Suspension: Four Hydraulic Piston Driven Legs
  • Load: 500 Pounds
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Human Quadruped Operation
Ralph Mosher, an electrical architect working for General Electric in the 1950s, built up a mechanical skeleton called Hardiman.